Rooftops – Chapter 2

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Rooftops – Chapter 2

~Anthony’s POV~

I sighed as I idly channel-surfed. You would think that there would be something decent on TV on a Saturday night. But, no such luck. Maybe because it was three in the morning. Whatever.

Usually I never stayed up this late, but for some reason my body refused to let me sleep. I had already exhausted every possible intellectually-stimulating activity that would prevent boredom from taking over, which left me sprawled out on the couch watching mind-numbingly boring reruns of sitcoms older than my parents. It was way too late to hang out with friends, and also way too late to blast music (my mother didn’t really appreciate the loud sounds of heavy metal blaring in the middle of the night, though I couldn’t really understand why).  Even the internet grew boring. What had the world come to?

The boring programs and overly-bright screen seemed to be doing the trick though, because I slowly started to feel my eyes grow heavy with inevitable sleep. With another exaggerated sigh, I dragged myself off the couch as the seventh Viagra commercial played in the span of less than two hours (seriously, were that many sexually frustrated men watching TV at 3:30 AM to warrant that many consecutive ads?). I figured that was probably more than enough TV for one night.


~Kalel’s POV~

I ended up waking up stupidly early for a Sunday morning, so at about 11:00 I decided to go bother Anthony so I wouldn’t end up spending my entire day bored out of my mind. That’s the nice thing about being right next door to your friends.

After knocking on his window and receiving no response, I sighed and walked downstairs to go through his front door. His mom was at work, so I didn’t bother knocking. Not that I usually would anyway; Anthony’s mother is like my second mom, and I spend so much time over there that it’s not like she’d care.

“Anthony!” I called once I closed the door. “Anthony, where are you?”

“He’s still in bed,” Jack, Anthony’s younger brother, said as he walked back from the kitchen with a Capri Sun in hand, plopping down on a beanbag chair. He looked like he was playing X-box.

“Your mom’s at work, right?” I asked.

“Mmhmm,” he said through a mouthful of chips. “Can you go wake him up? I’m hungry.”

“Sure thing. Thanks Jack,” I giggled as I made my way up the stairs, taking the familiar path to the room I had spent countless hours in (not in a sexual way, get your mind out of the gutter).

“Anthonyyy,” I said, dragging out the ‘y’ as I opened the door. “Wake uuppppp.”

“Jack, fuck off and make your own lunch!”

“Aww, I’m hurt,” I joked, giggling at Anthony’s less-than-enthused reaction.

He peeked his head out from under the covers, eyes still heavy with sleep. “Oh. Hi Kalel.”

“I was under orders to wake you up.”

“Let me guess. From Jack?”

“Hmm, I don’t know if I’m allowed to disclose that information.”

Anthony slowly sat up, rubbing at his eyes. I pretended not to notice his blanket falling, revealing his naked, and impressively toned, chest. Hey, he may be my – 100% platonic – best friend, but it’d be stupid to deny that he’s pretty cute. Or, really cute. But whatever.

“Kid is twelve and can’t even make his own god damn mac and cheese…” Anthony mumbled, sleepily grabbing for a shirt on the floor.

“I’m surprised your mom left you to babysit when you were still sleeping,” I laughed.

“She didn’t. She woke me up an hour ago. I went back to bed.”

“What a great big brother you are,” I replied sarcastically.

“Jack is twelve. He can handle himself. Michael  is seven. He’ll survive.”

I laughed as we made our way down the stairs, Anthony still stumbling with drowsiness. “I have awakened the sleeping beast!” I joked, my hands held high in mock triumph.

“’Bout time,” Jack called from the living room. “Glad to know someone can wake you up, Anthony. I’ll just call your little girlfriend over every weekend.”

I giggled and Anthony just rolled his eyes, not even grumbling his usual, “we’re not dating, Jack,” which he seems to say at least twice a week. Jack seems set on the idea we’re dating, but he’s not the only one. A lot of our other friends used to say stuff about it all the time, but either they grew tired of it or realized that it’s never going to happen.

“Where’s Michael?” Anthony said instead.

“In mom’s room watching TV,” Jack replied.

After making sure his seven-year-old brother was actually watching TV and wasn’t dead, Anthony returned to the kitchen. I hopped onto the counter while he sifted through the cabinets, probably looking for something to eat.

“Kaallelllll,” Anthony whined.

“Whaaattt?” I replied in the same fashion, swinging my legs from my perch on the counter.

“There’s nothing to eat.”

“And that’s my fault?” I rolled my eyes and chuckled.

“No, it’s just your responsibility as my friend to deal with my complaining.”

“Hmm, I don’t remember agreeing to this.”

“Oh you did. When we agreed to be friends.”

“Well, then it’s your responsibility to take me to Wendy’s. Put on your shoes,” I laughed, quickly turning it back on him.

Anthony fondly rolled his eyes, but complied and started walking towards the front door where his shoes were. “It’s not fair. You girls always win arguments.”

“Not my fault, babe,” I joked.

Anthony just shook his head in disbelief and called for his brothers. “Michael, Jack! Get out here, we’re going to Wendy’s!”


~Anthony’s POV~

Sooner than I would have liked, it was Monday morning. Considering how fucked my sleeping schedule became over the weekend, I didn’t get the sleep I needed; even if I did hit the snooze button four times. I also had a headache. Fantastic.

After stumbling around my bedroom to try to find clean clothes, and somehow managing to not fall asleep in the shower, I finally my made my way downstairs. Kalel would be at the door at any moment, since we drove to school together. Forgoing breakfast, I simply grabbed a bottle of Mountain Dew. Hopefully the caffeine would perk me up. I wasn’t really hungry anyway.

Sure enough, I heard her knock on the door a few seconds later, followed by her entering and closing the door behind her.

“Hey,” I heard her call out, fatigue lacing her voice as well.

“Hi,” I mumbled, grabbing my bag and walking down the front hallway, yelling out a quick goodbye to my family.

“Can you drive? I’m too tired,” I asked Kalel before rubbing my eyes.

“Anthony, you know I hate to drive.” Usually I drive us everywhere, mainly because Kalel doesn’t like to, but also because I have my own car and she doesn’t.

“Please? I’m exhausted. I don’t wanna wreck.”

“Fine,” Kalel sighed, grabbing the keys from my hand and plopping down in the driver’s seat. “But I get to control the radio.”

“You’re the best,” I joked, messily kissing her cheek.

“Ew! Get your spit off me!” She laughed, rubbing her face on her shoulder to clean some of it off. Kalel then worked on the task of scooting the driver’s seat forward. “Ugh, you’re so much taller than me, it’s not fair.”

I just laughed and laid my head on my arm, which was resting on the window. We didn’t live far from the school, so we pulled into the busy parking lot less than ten minutes later. Apparently I had fallen into a weird state of half-consciousness, because I felt a hand on my shoulder as we pulled in.

“Anthony, wake up!”

“Don’t wanna,” I mumbled.

“Come on, we’re gonna be late,” Kalel said hurriedly, shaking my shoulder harder. “Let’s goooooo.”

I finally complied, since I didn’t need any more tardies on my attendance record. We had a habit of being late a lot.

“Hold on,” Kalel said, walking over to my side of the car as I was stepping out. “Your hair got messed up. You must have been laying on it.” I let her run her fingers through the long fringe, fixing it into some state of presentable. She could probably make it look a lot better than I could anyway.

“There,” Kalel said once she was done. “C’mon, we gotta hurry!”

We joined the other students hastily rushing into the building, eager to get inside so they could be out as soon as possible.

Once inside, Kalel and I separated into different corridors. We didn’t have any classes together until the afternoon, when we had the last two periods (Biology and Government) together. Of course we wished we had more of the same classes, but it was better than nothing. I still had most of my other classes with my friend Ian, so it worked out well.  Ian and I met in sixth grade and had been practically joined at the hip since. Ian was pretty much the male version of Kalel, certainly not in looks or personality, but in the “best friends” factor, if that makes sense. We purposefully designed our schedules so that we would have the most opportunity to have class together, which totally worked, because we had five of the same class periods, plus lunch. That would never have worked with me and Kalel, because she’s taking a ton of electives like Japanese and Intro to Fashion and Design or something like that. She’s also in a special English class that’s focused more on writing due to her top-notch writing skills.

I entered my first period class – Algebra 2, what a fun way to start the morning – and sat in my usual spot next to Ian.

“Hey man,” I said, stifling a yawn behind my hand.

“Hey,” Ian replied, stealing my bottle of Mountain Dew and taking a swig.

“I would punch you in the face for that if I wasn’t so tired,” I said with my best attempt at a glare. Only Ian could get away with stealing something as sacred as Mountain Dew.

“Sure you would. Your emo hair and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shirt is sooo menacing.”

I barked out a laugh at Ian’s comment, but the laugh quickly turned into a nasty cough. I sat there for a good thirty seconds just hacking, expecting to cough up one of my lungs are something. Does coughing out an internal organ warrant being allowed to go home? ‘Cause that sounded pretty great.

“Dude. Are you like, dying?” Ian asked as he got out his notebook and started copying down the night’s homework.

“Maybe,” I answered, internally groaning as I saw the large amount of problems written on the board. “If I die, will you do the homework for me?”


sorry this is such a shitty update after being away for like forever. it’s still exposition, which i absolute hate writing, but this plot definitely needs a lot.  things will get more interesting soon, promise.

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Chapter 1


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Rooftops – Chapter 1

There’s a short prologue here if you want to read that! Otherwise, here you go and sorry for the wait!

Rooftops – Chapter 1


*Thirteen years later*

April 1st, 2013

“Anthony,” I whined, dragging out the vowels in my best friend’s name.

“What?” He chuckled from his position on my couch. He was completely sprawled out, one leg completely hanging off, and he was slouching so much he gained about three chins.

“I’m bored. And it’s Friday night. Can we go do something?”

“Kalel,” he whined, mimicking my exact tone. “That would entail getting up.”

“Pleeeease?” I said, putting on my best puppy-dog eyes.

Even after almost fourteen years of being best friends, puppy-dog eyes still worked like a charm on Anthony. This time was no different. “Fine,” he grumbled. “But you have to go get my shoes.”

“You’re such a lazy-ass today!”

“Hey! Let me remind you who’s driving you.”

I laughed and rolled my eyes, moving off the couch to get his black Converse and my flip flops from the mat near the front door.

“Wanna see a movie?” Anthony asked as I tossed him his shoes.

“Sounds good to me. Something scary though.”

A few minutes later, Anthony and I were walking into the theatre and buying tickets. I couldn’t remember what Anthony had decided on, but I was sure it would be awesome; we had scarily similar tastes in movies, books, games…actually, just about everything.

As I went to grab my wallet, Anthony stopped me.  “You bought my ticket last time. I got it.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I forgot to pay you back for that anyway. It’s fine.”

“Oh yeah, the time you ‘forgot your wallet,’” I teased, using air quotes. “A likely story.”

“I was telling the truth!” Anthony retaliated as he stepped up to buy tickets. “Two for The Last Exorcism please.”

“That’ll be $11.50,” the girl behind the counter, who couldn’t have been older than seventeen, smiled. Anthony slid a ten and a few ones over to her, and as she was printing off the tickets, she turned to face us. “If you don’t mind me saying, you guys make a really cute couple.”

I immediately started giggling. “Oh, no, we’re not dating. But, uh, thank you,” I said in between laughs.

“Oh, I’m sorry! I just assumed…”

“It’s cool. No worries,” I smiled at the now scarlet-cheeked employee.

She slid the fresh tickets across the counter. “Uh, enjoy your movie.”

“Thanks,” Anthony smiled at the clearly flustered girl. I felt bad that she was so embarrassed, because it really wasn’t that big of a deal. Anthony and I get mistaken for a couple so often that it doesn’t even bother me anymore. I don’t find it insulting or anything, just kind of funny. I’ve been best friends with Anthony since we were four, practically as long as I can remember.  Now we were both seventeen and almost done with our junior year of high school. So really, we had grown up together. Anthony was practically like a brother to me, and it was weird to think of him as my boyfriend. Not that he wasn’t great – Anthony was everything I could ask for, he was supportive, caring, and hilarious – but I guess I just never thought of him as “more of a friend”.

“How many times have we been mistaken for a couple?” I asked with a chuckle, sipping on my freshly bought Icee.

“Oh, once, twice…three hundred times? Approximately,” Anthony joked back.

We walked into the very back of the theatre, sitting down just as the lights started to dim and the preliminary trailers started to play. Once situated, I grabbed a huge handful of popcorn and shoved it into my mouth. Fuck being “ladylike”, Anthony could deal.

“Thief!” I said through a mouthful of popcorn. Anthony’s hand bumped into mine, which was still located in the huge bucket of buttery popcorn I decided to consume. “Get your own popcorn!”

“I am. It’s right here,” Anthony whispered, holding a handful of my popcorn with a smirk. “But I think most of it is in your mouth anyway.”

“You love it,” I smirked back, though with the popcorn still being in the process of being chewed, it came out more as “oo loaf eet”.

“I’m not even going to pretend I know what you said.”

“That’s okay. Just give me a Sour Patch Kid,” I giggled, reaching for his bag.

“No! They’re my favorite!”

“Exactly! So you should want to share them with your best friend!”

“No way in Hell!” Anthony said and moved the bag to the other side of him, out of my reach. I was quick though, and leapt across his chest and dove for the bag.


“Ow!” Anthony laughed, earning a few glares from the other movie goers. “You elbowed me in the ribs.”

“Oh my god, Anthony, you’re so disruptive!” I loudly whispered in mock annoyance. He just stifled another laugh in reply, trying his best to keep quiet as the trailers ended and the movie started.

“I hate you,” Anthony whispered in my ear. He was obviously kidding, and now it was my turn to stifle a laugh.

“Love you too, babe,” I replied in the same demeanor.


After we drove home, we retreated into our individual rooms. Usually that would spell the end of an evening, but not for us. Not only did we live next door to each other, but our rooms were directly across from each other. You could easily see what the other was doing if their curtains weren’t drawn.

As if that wasn’t weird enough, there was something else that made us practically inseparable.  You see, there was a glitch in the design of our houses; we each had a ledge outside of our window. Our neighborhood contained too many houses for its small size, so every place was taller than it was wide, with small yards and minimal space in between houses. The window ledges were less than a foot apart, making it easy to simply step from one to the other, or just sit and talk into the late hours of the night. Honestly, I don’t understand how the builders didn’t notice it; it’s pretty damn obvious. But nevertheless, I was grateful for our little ledges.

That’s perhaps the reason Anthony and I became so close. Ever since we were little kids, we would just sit out there and talk. In almost fourteen years, our parents still didn’t know of our “spot”. It was quiet and private, where we could both escape from life’s many bullshit moments. I personally found it incredible how after all of this time, we could still talk each other’s ears off. You would think we would’ve run out of things to talk about a long time ago, but I guess that’s just another reason we’re such good friends.

I had other friends of course, and so did Anthony, but nothing else really compared to him. He understood me in a way that no one else did, or as I was convinced, no one else ever would. He was always there to calm me down, cheer me up, or even just make me laugh. He was truly everything I could ask for in a friend.

“About time,” I said from my perch on my own ledge, having walked out several minutes ago.

“Someone’s needy,” Anthony chuckled as he stepped out of his window and sat down cross-legged.

We sat there silent for a few minutes, admiring the quiet atmosphere and clear sky. It was nice out, the air finally warming up to summer temperatures. It was perfect “reminiscing” scenery, at least according to cheesy movies.

“Remember when we found this ledge?” I asked, leaning back against the cool glass of my bedroom window.

“Yep. It was a few days after we met, right?”

I nodded. “We were both too scared to step on out here though. We used to just yell out of the windows.”

“I was the first to step out though,” Anthony said with a mischievous grin. “You were still too scared.”

“Hey, just remember, that was after your fifth birthday. I was still only four.”

Anthony fondly rolled his eyes. “Fair enough.”



“Kalel! C’mon!”

“Anthony, no! That’s not safe!”

“It’s so cool though! See, I didn’t fall!”

“But I don’t want my mommy to get mad.”

“She won’t see! C’mon, please?”

After a few more minutes of childish persuasion from the boy, Kalel relented and slowly stepped out onto the ledge. Holding the window for dear life, she slowly moved her tiny feet closer and closer to the other side, her light-up shoes illuminating her path. [1]

“C’mon,” Anthony urged, holding out his hand for the girl to take. Kalel accepted, squeezing her friend’s hand harder than what was probably necessary. After a few minutes of tiny movements, Kalel finally made it over to Anthony’s side and took a seat next to him.

“See! You did it. Told you,” Anthony smiled over at the small girl.

Kalel returned the wide smile. “You were right,” she replied, letting out a breath she didn’t know she had been holding. “I hope we don’t fall though.”

“What if we just hold hands? Then we won’t fall,” Anthony said. The naïve offer obviously didn’t make much sense, but it was enough to visibly relax a mere four-year-old Kalel.

“Okay,” she smiled, clasping Anthony’s hand tightly.

That was their first night of friendship on the ledges.


~Kalel’s POV~

I smiled at the memory, a happy blush creeping on my cheeks. We had been so little, but it didn’t even feel like that long ago. Growing up was a strange phenomenon.

“’Let’s hold hands so we don’t fall’. Great proposition, Anthony. Makes so much sense,” I giggled.

“Hey, make fun of it all you want, but you’re the one that bought it,” Anthony laughed, grinning and holding his hands up in mock defense.

I returned the laugh. “Touché, my friend. Touché.”


[1] light up shoes are the shit.

Well, there ya go. Sorry for the wait, and sorry it’s pretty short, but exposition is a bitch to deal with :P Stay tuned!

the flashbacks are in 3rd person whereas the rest of the story is in 1st – i can’t decide if i like it like that or if it’s awkward. Feedback is appreciated!

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Rooftops – Prologue

Here’s a teeny little prologue, for some extra exposition. Keep in mind that it’s written from a four year old’s POV, so that’s why it’s not as articulate as usual ;)


Rooftops – Prologue

July 1st, 2000

~Four-year old Kalel’s POV~

My daddy told me that we’re moving into a different house. He said that it’s far away, in a place called Sacramento. I knew that’s not in Missouri, where I live now. Sacramento is in California, which Daddy showed me on a map. It looked really big.

When I asked, Daddy said that he got a job and that’s why we had to move. I didn’t really understand, because he had a job here. But when I saw our new house I decided I didn’t care that much. The new house looked really pretty.

Mommy said that next month I would start kindergarten in the school near our new house. We took a walk there, and it looked really big and scary. Is everything in California big?

One day when Mommy, Daddy, and my big brother were unpacking the boxes with our stuff in them, I walked into our backyard.  It was tiny, and there was a small waist-length fence around it. The next house over had a small yard too, but their house had a swing set.  I wish we had one, ‘cause I really love swing sets.

I had seen the swing set before, but this time there was a boy sitting on it, his feet kicking himself off the ground. I walked to the fence and stared, hoping he would notice me and maybe ask if I wanted to play.

He saw me staring and was the first one to say something.


“Hi,” I said back with a wave.

The boy jumped off the swing. My mommy said that was unsafe, but I didn’t tell him that. I watched him as he walked over.

“What’re you doin’?”

“Uh,” I said, “Looking at your swing set. It’s nice.”

“Oh. Thanks. My daddy built it.”

“I wish my daddy would make me one.”

“Do you wanna swing on it?”

I smiled at having gotten my way. “Yeah.”

I crawled under the fence and followed him.

“What’s your name?” I asked the boy. He had brown eyes and brown hair, and a Pokémon shirt on. I liked Pokémon too!

“Anthony. What’s yours?”

“My name’s Kalel.”

“Kalel?” He said, scrunching up his eyebrows. “That’s a weird name.”


“No! I like it though. It’s cool,” The boy, who I guess was Anthony, said quickly.

I smiled. This boy seemed really cool. “Thanks.”

“Wanna be friends?”

I smiled again. “Totally.”

He smiled back, and I saw that he was missing a few teeth. “Cool. Want a push?”

We swung on the swings until our mommies both said it was time for dinner. I waved goodbye to my new friend as I stepped into my new house. I decided that Anthony was one cool new friend.


It’s pretty short, but there ya go! Next chapter is also posted! :)



Something Better- chapter 25

I don’t know how to introduce this. So, here’s the last chapter :)

Something Better- chapter 25

~Anthony’s POV~

Finally, after an excruciatingly long few days, I’m cleared to leave the hospital.  That wretched place become a million times more unbearable when I realized that Kalel lost part of her memory.  This all could have been avoided.  We would have been fine and well and healthy if I hadn’t crashed my car.  Above all, we could have been happy.  Happiness seems like a distant emotion now.  Distant and out of my reach.

That evening was fine and happy, but I was a fool for thinking all of the problems would just magically drip away. It’s my fault for thinking everything ends in a happy ending.  It doesn’t.  Nothing ever does.  That’s just the world we live in, and there’s nothing I can fucking do about it.

It’s a Friday, so I have a whole weekend before I have to return to school on Monday.  That also means I have an entire weekend to do the make-up work I didn’t feel like starting when Ian gave it to me on Tuesday.  I’m really regretting that now, but I didn’t feel like doing anything while I was in there.  Even playing video games and watching TV didn’t spark my interest.

The drive home is nearly silent.  I make small-talk with Katherine, although she pretty much dominates the conversation.  That’s fine with me, because I just can’t wait to get home and sleep.  I’ve been sleeping a lot lately.  Sleeping is nice.  It’s an escape where I can go anywhere I want.

As planned, as soon as I reach my house I make my way into my bedroom.  The familiarity of my bed is nice.  It’s so weird thinking I’ve been away in the hospital for a week.  The warm sheets are such an improvement over the scratchy and dry sheets at the hospital.  Just one more thing I hate about that place.

I lay in my bed for a while.   Even nestled tightly in the soft sheets, sleep won’t come; probably because I can’t stop thinking.  What will school be like on Monday?  Will people even know that I’ve been gone for a week?  I wonder if Jen knows.  Maybe she feels bad that she put us in this position.  It’s very easy for me to say that she doesn’t; but the better part of me thinks that she might.  How far can a person really take revenge?  Well, that’s just one more thing I’ll never know.

The idea of going to school sounds awful with one fourth of our group still missing.  I guess we haven’t been a complete four for weeks with all the stupid drama, but maybe that’s what makes me miss it so much.  We were whole for a few hours a week ago; we’re close to it now.  Or rather, were close.  Well, I don’t even know.  There’s still a small prospect that we could make everything okay again; however the more realistic part of me says we may never be the same again.

Somehow, with all of those intrusive thoughts, I’m able to fall asleep again.


~Kalel’s POV~

It’s Saturday now, meaning I got moved out of ICU two days ago, on Thursday.  Yesterday I spent my time mainly sleeping; I guess the pain meds they’re giving me are making me drowsy.  When I wasn’t sleeping, I just watched TV.  The small television in the hospital room only has five channels, but that’s fine because I don’t have the energy to click through any more than that.  So far today, I’ve slept more, watched more crappy TV shows, read a little bit, and even walked around the hospital.  I was bound to the hallway, but it felt good to just get up and move.  Being trapped in that little room is driving me crazy.

I’ve been recording every single move I make as a mental note.  After I overheard that conversation between my parents and nurse about my memory loss, I’ve been mentally tucking every small thing away for fear that those will be taken away too.  Between rounds of TV watching, reading, and sleeping, I’ve been trying to remember what happened after I went to the mall.  I know something happened, but I just can’t find it.  It feels like someone just cut my head open and took that away.

It feels like it’s right in front of me, but I’m just not fast enough to grab it.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see someone walk through my door.  Thinking it’s just a nurse, I ignore it and keep my eyes trained on the novel I’ve been staring at but not really absorbing.

“Hey you,” I hear a familiar voice.   Not the familiar voice of a nurse, but the familiar voice of my best friend.

“Melanie!” I say excitedly as I tear my eyes off of the book pages.  She walks over to me and gives me a tight hug.

“How are you doing?” She asks with a bit of a wince, like she’s expecting the worst.

“I feel a lot better, actually.  Just bored.”

Melanie laughs.  “When do you get out of here?”

“Sunday!” I say, not able to contain my excitement of being able to go home.

“That’s awesome! Oh, and Ian says sorry he isn’t here.  He’s hanging out with Anthony…he’s not doing the best.”

“What’s wrong with him?” The last thing I can recall about Anthony is that we were broken up because he kissed someone else, yet I’m still weirdly concerned about him.

“It’s a long story…well, what’s up with you?  How are you passing the time?  It must suck here.”

I sigh.  “Trying to remember.”

“Oh yeah, I heard about that…”

“Melanie,” I say, looking into her eyes. “Can you tell me what happened?”

She breathes heavily but nods.  “What’s the last thing you remember?”


~Anthony’s POV~

“Anthony, wake up.”

Someone’s voice wakes me up, but I make no move of getting up.  My face is buried in my pillow and there’s even a gross spot of spit on my chin where I must have drooled.

“Anthony, seriously.”

I groan, not wanting to open my eyes up to the bright light escaping through my blinds.  Or rather, was escaping, because I can tell that someone opens them to allow even more intrusive light in.  I groan again.  I still have a headache and that’s not helping.

“Jesus Christ, I know you have a serious concussion and all, but you’ve been in here for hours.  Get up, Ian’s here.” I can identify the voice as Katherine’s.  I perk up a little knowing Ian’s here, and finally pull my aching head out of the huge mound of sheets and pillows.

“Hey dude.  Comfy?” Ian chuckles.

I yawn and sit up, pulling on the t-shirt I must have discarded before I fell asleep.  “Immensely.”

Ian sits on the spinny office chair and kicks his feet up onto the corner of my bed.  “How’s the concussion?”

“Hurts like shit,” I groan.

“Well according to your sister, you’ve slept for the majority of the past week, so how would you know?” Ian jokes.

“Hey, in my defense, the pain meds cause drowsiness,” I retort, a smile creeping over my lips nonetheless.

“Fair enough.  Want to go do something?  You can’t tell truthfully tell me you’re not bored.”

“You read my mind,” I say, and move to roll out of my bed.  It doesn’t go as gracefully as planned, and I end up on the floor.  “God dammit.” I chuckle.

Ian laughs at me but offers me a hand nonetheless. “Where are we going?”


~Kalel’s POV~

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” I say once Melanie is finished telling me the entire story.  It’s so far-fetched and strange that it feels like it is made up.

“I know, it sounds weird huh?  Kendyl coming to tell us what actually happened…but that’s what actually went down.”

“I don’t even know how to take that,” I rub my head where a frustrated headache is forming.

“I know.  I can imagine it’s hard for you,” Melanie says consolingly.

“I know you’re not lying, but it’s just so weird…God, I just wish I could remember!” I yell.

“Hey, don’t get too worked up,” Melanie says, squeezing my shoulder. “The doctors say you might get it back in a few days.”

“And what if I don’t?” I groan, inevitably tearing up.

“We’ll figure it out then.  Just rest up, okay?  I need you back at school.  It’s been so freaking boring!”
Melanie says, and I laugh.

Time passes, and Melanie and I sit and talk about stupid little things until visiting hours are over.  I’m sad to see her go, especially because she’s my only form of entertainment in this stupid place, but I’m so glad she came.  She’s such a great friend, and I can remember that much.


~Anthony’s POV~

It turns out that my mom actually doesn’t want me to leave the house because of my concussion, so Ian and I just hang out there instead.  We try to play Pokémon, which was really fun until the flashy lights started to hurt my head.  Instead, we just get on my computer and mess around online.

“Can I ask you something?” I randomly ask as we click around and change the layout of, just for the hell of it.  I just randomly blurted it out, and I would be kind of embarrassed if it wasn’t Ian.  We really don’t have much shame around each other, which is what makes everything fun.

“What?” Ian says nonchalantly as he clicks around the screen.

“What are we going to do if Kalel doesn’t remember anything?”


~Kalel’s POV~

“And that’s why I kissed him.  And I’m so, so sorry.”

“I missed you so much, Kalel.”

“Can we start over?”

“I’m addicted to your love, don’t you know that you’re toxic?!”


I awake from a short nap with a start.  My mind feels jumbled, like I just spent the last half hour on a spinning amusement park ride.  Slowly, gradually, I begin to wake up more.

What were those voices?  The things they were saying were so random.  No one’s in this room; it’s like they came from my head.  Was that some kind of dream?  It doesn’t make any sense.  I think I heard Kendyl’s voice, Ian and Melanie’s voices mixed with my own, and above all, Anthony’s voice.

Was that a dream…? I think to myself, trying desperately to decipher what just happened.  At first I can only remember the voices, but after a few minutes I start to picture some images too.  The four of us screaming “Toxic” in a car, Kendyl talking, and, most puzzling of all, me hugging Anthony. They’re really hazy, as if I’m seeing them from a different world.

What the hell kind of dream is this?!  Everything is random, and it’s never happened before.

At that moment, it clicks.


~Anthony’s POV~

“What are we going to do if Kalel doesn’t remember anything?”

“Stop being so negative, Anthony.  The doctors said she might start to remember stuff in a few days.”

“Might.  What if she doesn’t?” I groan.

“Then we’ll tell her what happened.”

“It’s not the same,” I say, inwardly wincing at how much I’m complaining.

“I didn’t say it is.  But it’s the least we can do.”

“Yeah, I guess…”

“We’re not having any more drama.  That was stupid,” Ian continues, turning to look at me.

I nod.  “I just hope she isn’t pissed.”

“Stop being such a downer.  Who knows, she could get her memories back soon and everything will be fine.”


~Kalel’s POV~

At that moment, it clicks.  I’m getting my memories back.

I almost forgot the story Melanie told me.  Each hazy little image I can remember fits, and they begin to become more and more clear in the span of a few minutes.  Kendyl talking was her telling us why she kissed Anthony.  Why she did.  Oh my gosh, I can remember her story!  I can remember.

“I missed you so much, Kalel…Can we start over?” That’s Anthony and I making up.  I can suddenly picture the scene: we were standing in the food court like idiots, holding on to each other and never wanting to let go.  That was when we agreed to get back together.

We must have crashed after the four of us were messing around and singing “Toxic”.  That’s the last of what I can remember…but I think that’s all.  It’s like a newly discovered movie that I keep playing over and over.

I’m overcome with joy.  I’m not a half-crazy.  I’m not partially empty.  I’m Kalel Cullen, who caught her boyfriend Anthony Padilla kissing someone else and later learned that he was innocent.  The other girl, Kendyl Rogers, did it because of being blackmailed by that awful person Jen Calstar.  And now, with the help of my friends, Ian Hecox and Melanie Moat, everything is almost back to normal.  Almost.  When I get out of here in two days, it will be completely normal.



~Anthony’s POV~

“Change the channel, this show is stupid,” I say as I absent-mindedly write something down in my notebook.  I’m finally chipping away at the huge amount of homework I have to make up, and Ian and Melanie are over to help me learn the lessons I missed.

“Aren’t you supposed to be reading anyway?” Melanie laughs as she too works on homework.

“Yeah, but this is boring,” I laugh as I close my book. “I’m starting something else.”

I put one book away and grab another, but I barely have time to open it before the doorbell rings. “I got it,” I say, thankful for a little break from the mounds of schoolwork.

“Good, because I’m way too comfortable to go get it for you,” I hear Ian joke.  Melanie replies with something like “you lazy ass”, but I can barely hear it by the time I reach the door and open it.

Nothing could have prepared me for what I saw.  Standing on my porch, still a little sickly-looking but as pretty as ever, is Kalel.

I stand there with my mouth wide open, barely able to form a coherent thought. Luckily, Kalel breaks the silence.

“You haven’t seen your girlfriend in over a week and that’s your response?” she jokes with a huge smile.

“…?” I stutter, trying to make sense of what she just said.  Girlfriend.  Has she…finally…

My thoughts are cut off when Kalel speaks again.  In a sweet voice, she softly says, “I can remember everything now.”

My stomach does a flip, but in a good way.  Those five words sound so perfect.  “So you know about Kendyl…and everything at the mall…and how…” I trail off.  Kalel nods and steps forward.  Without a second’s hesitation, I pull her into a huge hug.  A huge weight has just been lifted off my shoulders, and I feel a lot better now with her in my arms.

No more fighting, no more drama, no more depression.  Just two couples, or four friends, finally back to doing what we love most; dealing with high school and having a fantastic time doing so.

Luck may have evaded us completely for a long time, but I think it’s definitely on our side now.  Ian was right; I shouldn’t have been such a downer.  Because even though it’s rare, sometimes things do work out perfectly.

The End. 


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Something Better- chapter 24

Hello ^_^ so this took me so long. I have no excuses. I just had a rough few weeks, haha.

whatever though ENJOY! :D

~Kalel’s POV~

I feel a faint sense of impact, and then the sensation of spinning; but it’s completely overshadowed by what follows.  The hard, intense touch of Pain’s fingers overtakes every part of my body.  I can’t even pinpoint where I feel it.  I must have screamed, but I barely even feel capable of doing that.  I want it to come to an end, a merciful, joyous end, but it feels like it never will. Seconds feel like hours.

Eventually, the spinning comes to an end, taking with it the ear-splitting sounds of screeching cars and screams.  I don’t even want to think about whose mouths they belong to.

The end finally comes; the feeling of blissful sleep slowly creeps over my body, sending me into unconsciousness.


~Anthony’s POV~

After what seems like forever, the nurses finally leave the room.  As soon as they’re gone, Katherine sits across from me on the hospital bed and starts to explain everything.  I don’t even have to ask her to, she just knows I’m desperate for the information.

“Don’t worry, Anthony. Everyone’s fine,” she reassures me.

“Are they…are they injured?” I ask, feeling almost no relief at her words.

Katherine slowly nods grimly. “Ian got away with only some scratches, bruises, and a bloody nose.  The same for Melanie, except she also sprained her wrist.  They’re not in the hospital, they’re fine, don’t worry.”

I let out a breath I wasn’t aware I was holding.  “And Kalel?”

Katherine looks hesitant, but explains regardless. “The car hit you at a diagonal, on Kalel’s side.  She got the worst of it…they won’t tell me much…”

“What did they tell you?” I prod.  I can tell she doesn’t want to tell me, but that doesn’t stop me.

She opens and closes her mouth, uncertain of what to say. “Katherine…” I say, my voice sounding more threatening than I meant it to.

She sighs.  “A few broken ribs, cuts and bruises, bad whiplash – they still won’t tell me what that’s going to do to her head and neck – and a ruptured spleen.  She’s…umm…in emergency surgery right now.”

It feels like someone punched me in the stomach. “Oh, God…” I groan, once again covering my face with my hands.  “What have I done?  I’m so, so, stupid…”

“Anthony, it wasn’t –”

“If I would have just moved out of the way –”

“It was the other guy’s –”

“I was too distracted, I wasn’t paying attention, I –”

“Anthony –”

“I’m an idiot, I’m such an idiot –”

“It wasn’t your –”

“I may have killed her, I could have killed all of them, oh God, what’s wrong with me, WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!”

“Anthony!”  Katherine screams over me as she shakes my shoulders.  My entire body is shaking and my heart is beating a lot faster than it should be.

“I’m an idiot, Katherine.  Look what I did,” I whisper.  Tears form in my eyes, but I make no effort to will them away.  “I h-hurt them all.  I hurt them all. I…I…”

Katherine scoots closer to me and wraps her arms around me in a hug.  I don’t care that she’s my sister, I don’t care that we sometimes fight, I don’t care how much she annoys me sometimes.  I just return the hug and bury my face into her neck, wanting more than anything to shut out the rest of the world and to get comfort from someone I love that I didn’t manage to hurt.

“Anthony, it wasn’t your fault.  You had the right of way.  The other driver was drunk and ran that red light.  It’s not your fault.  It’s not your fault,” she whispers into my ear.   I know my body is still shaking like a leaf, and she must notice it too. “Anthony, you need to calm down,”

We remain silent for a while.  I slow down my breathing and Katherine sits across from me with an uncharacteristic worried expression.  I eventually break the silence with more questions.

“Where’s Mom and Dad?”

“At home showering,” as I open my mouth for my next question, Katherine cuts me off. “Ian and Melanie are at school.”  Damn, she knows me well.  “They’ll probably be here soon, actually.” I look at the clock and it reads 2:45.

“How long was I asleep?”

“A few days.  It’s Monday.  You actually woke up a few times, but you were so out of it that I’m not surprised you don’t remember it. They were worried that you might slip into a coma as a result of that concussion, hence all of the stuff you were hooked up to.  Luckily you didn’t though,” she informs me.

I nod my head.  I’m a lot more at ease now that I know what’s going on, but I know that I won’t be completely relaxed until I’m out of this place.  I move my left arm to scratch my nose, but it’s weighed down by a heavy cast.  I forgot that was there.

Katherine must have seen me look at it, because she says, “You know, you had to have surgery on that.”

“Really?” I say in amazement, moving my arm around to see how it feels.  It feels sore, but nowhere near as painful as I figured it would be post-surgery.

“Yep.  They had to re-set the bones.  You broke it in like three places.  One of your bones was sticking out and everything,” she explains, wrinkling her nose.  I chuckle; Katherine’s always been squeamish.

“Why aren’t you at school?” I ask her.

“I needed an excuse to skip and I thought this was good enough,” she smirks as she jumps off the bed and grabs her bag. “Scoot over, fatass,” she kids as she sits down next to me.

“Please, I know you were just going to miss me too much,” I joke back.

“You’re right, I could never handle school without my big brudder,” Katherine says sarcastically as she rolls her eyes.  “Give me your arm, stupid.”

She takes out a sharpie and starts to write on my cast.  As she’s writing, two people walk through the door.  At first I think the nurses are back, but I’m delighted when I see Ian and Melanie walk in.

“Hey!” I say excitedly, my mood instantly improving.

“Hellllooo,” Ian says as he sits in a rolling chair and rolls across the floor.

Melanie shakes her head in bemusement. “Hey, Anthony.  How’s the head?”

“Hurts,” I shrug.  “How are you two?”

“Oh, we’re fine.  School was so boring today without you and Kalel there,” Ian sighs, continuing to roll the chair back and forth across the room.  “How long have you been awake?”

“About a half hour,” Katherine says, not taking her eyes off whatever she’s drawing on my cast.

“What are you, my nurse?” I joke, looking at her.

“Don’t look!” Katherine insists as she bats my head away from her drawing.

“Ow!” I grumble, the quick motion not benefiting my headache. “You’re a mean nurse.”

“Pussy,” Katherine smirks.

“I came here yesterday and you were loopy on pain meds,” Ian laughs.

“Oh God, you’re kidding.”

“Nope,” Ian continues to laugh.  “Got it on camera.”

“You asshole!” I say, but I can’t help but laugh.

“Yep…maybe we should put it on”

“You wouldn’t dare.”

“Would I?”

“I would beat the crap out of you if I could move,” I laugh.

“You’re bluffing!”

You’re bluffing!”

“Pipe down, you two,” Melanie says through laughs. “Those nurses can probably hear you.”

“Done!” Katherine says, capping her pen.  “You can look now, oh impatient one.” I look down at the cast, where Katherine drew a detailed Link from the Legend of Zelda.

“I love it,” I laugh as I read the note under it.  It reads, “from your favorite person of all time <3 Katherine, p.s. stop being a pansy.”

It only feels like a few minutes pass, but apparently hours later we’re still talking.  At 6:00, a nurse comes in and tells everyone they have to leave because visiting hours are over.  At 6:15, she comes in again, saying, “I was serious the first time. Visiting hours are over, you need to leave.”

Reluctantly, Ian gets off the rolling chair.  “See you tomorrow, Ant.  Feel better.”

“Thanks dude,” I reply.  “Oh…and sorry about, well, you know…”

Ian reads my mind in a second.  “Dude, shut up.  That wreck wasn’t your fault.  Don’t worry about it!”

“I know, but…”

“Listen to Ian,” Melanie adds, capping the sharpie she used to mark my cast. “That wasn’t your fault.”

It is 6:20!” the nurse says as she pokes her head into the door, clearly very annoyed.

“We’re leaving!” Ian says, putting his hands up in mock surrender. “See you later.”

“Rest up,” Melanie adds as she leaves with Ian.  Both of them smile warmly and wave.

I return both gestures.  Despite the fact that I feel like crap, this afternoon was fun.

“Young lady!” the now familiar voice of the nurse yells when she sees Katherine sitting at the end of my bed.

“I’m his freaking sister!!” she snaps back, and I have to suppress a laugh.


~The next day~

I don’t think I’ve ever been so bored.  There’s nothing to do in this place.  Tuesday consists of playing my Game Boy until it dies, trying to sleep, trying to turn my Game Boy back on even though I really know it’s dead, talking to Katherine, and even studying for my exams that are in three short weeks as a last resort.

Normally around this time of year I, like almost everyone in my school, would be stressing about exams.
Unfortunately, I can’t even bring myself to care about them; not with worries about Kalel looming over my head.  They still won’t tell me anything, except that her surgery went fine and she’s in recovery.  Even with the little reassurance that offers, I still can’t stop thinking about her.  I need to know if she’s okay.  I was refused when I was asked to see her, which only adds to the pile of annoyance I have at this place.

Ian and Melanie visit again, and stay just as long as they did the day before.  That was by far the best part of my day.  I wish the stupid visiting hours were longer.

At about 7:00, a nurse comes to do the night rounds.  “How are you feeling, Mr. Padilla?” she asks.

“Fine,” I sigh, not bothering to correct her mispronunciation at my last name.

“Pain meds working?”


“Nothing hurts?”


“Are you comfortable?”

“Yes.  When do I get to go home?” I ask, briefly stopping her slew of questions that she’s required to ask.

“On Friday, if no complications arise,” she responds.  She doesn’t miss a beat as she starts questioning me again, something I’ve grown used to in my few days here.

“Can I go see Kalel?” I ask.  It’s worth another shot.

“Who?” I can tell the nurse knows exactly who I’m talking about.  She’s just trying to avoid the question.

Kalel Cullen.  She was in the wreck with me.”

“Oh, yes, well, she’s in the ICU.  No non-family members allowed in there.  I’m sorry,” she gives me the same answer I was given earlier.

After another few minutes, the nurse sets down a tray of food by my bed and finally leaves my room.  I have no appetite, and the gross-looking food does nothing to help it.  I instead push the food around the plate, just like my little brother does at dinner.  I know that by not eating I’m just going to piss off the doctors and nurses, but I’m not the slightest bit hungry and I could really care less anyway.

My newly-covered cast catches my eye.  Katherine’s Link makes me laugh, along with the dragon Melanie drew and the note Ian wrote that says “I can’t draw like those two. But here’s a smiley face. J” Today he left another note that read, “I’m so posting that video…” Despite my boredom, anxiety, and general crappy mood, I can’t help but laugh at my awesome friends.


~Kalel’s POV~

I awake in an unfamiliar environment.  Everything is bright, which gives me a headache.  Something is scratchy against my skin, and I smell something I can only describe as “too clean”.  My eyes slowly open and adjust to the invasive light.

I’m definitely not in my bedroom. In fact, I have no idea where I am.  I try to say something, but my words come out as chokes.  What the hell is this? I think to myself as my eyes focus on something protruding from my mouth.  It’s a hard, clear plastic, and the more awake I become the more I feel like it’s choking me.

I let out a small moan, hoping that someone will hear.  Fortunately, someone does, but no one I know. An unfamiliar face appears above mine.

“Hello, Miss Cullen.  I see you’re awake.  Let me get that out for you,” she says gently as she removes the thing from my throat, which I infer to be a breathing tube.  Why the hell do I need a breathing tube?

“Do you know where you are?” she asks me.  I slowly shake my head, still alarmed.  Where are my parents? Where the hell did I wake up?

“Well, you’re in the hospital.  You got into a pretty nasty car wreck.  Don’t worry though, the other passengers are fine.  You’ve been through the ringer though,” she explains, and I slowly recognize that she’s a nurse.  Her name tag says Cindy.

I must look really confused, because she next asks, “What’s the last thing you remember, Kalel?”

It feels like I can’t even form a coherent thought. Everything’s just buzzing around my head.  After what seems like minutes, I slowly begin to remember what happened.

“I…I was at the mall with my friend.”

“And what’s your friend’s name?” Cindy asks as she checks my vitals.

“Melanie,” I say slowly.

“Do you remember why you were at the mall?”

After a few more moments of struggling, I’m able to gather that thought. “Umm…I think I had just broken up with my boyfriend.  She wanted to distract me.”

“What happened after that?”

I try to sort through the thoughts buzzing through my head, but I can’t bring myself to remember the rest.  I must have been silent for too long, because Cindy says, “Can’t remember?”

I shake my head.  Cindy looks alarmed for a second, but quickly covers the expression up.  “None the matter.  Are you feeling alright?”

“Yeah,” I nod.  I definitely feel odd, but I wouldn’t really describe it as pain, or even discomfort.  It’s more of a dull ache.  Numb: that’s a good word.

“Well, I’ll be back soon.  Press that button if you need anything,” Cindy smiles and leaves the room.  I don’t have the energy to do anything in the empty room, so I merely just close my eyes and fall back asleep.


The next time I awake, I feel unrested.  Just as I was about to fall asleep again, I hear voices in my room.  My curiosity overcomes my exhaustion, and I will myself to stay awake.

“When the car hit, your daughter experienced some pretty bad whiplash.  We’re still not sure what this may have done to her brain,” I think I recognize the voice as Cindy’s.

“What do you know?” that’s my dad speaking now.

“She doesn’t remember the crash, or what led to it.  Kalel only remembers what happened about three hours before the crash took place, and even that seemed hazy.  It’s still unknown whether or not that was the only part of her memory affected.”

“So you mean more of her memory could be gone too?”

“Yes,” Cindy says grimly.  “It’s hard to say.  Hopefully only her short-term memory was affected, instead of her long term.  For now, we want her to rest up.”

“Will she ever get it back?” my mother’s voice asks.

“Hopefully, but it’s hard to say.  Amnesia is tricky.  If she’s lucky, she’ll get it back in a few days.”

At that point, I have no time to ponder anything as my exhaustion takes over.


~Anthony’s POV~

By Thursday, something miraculous happens.  Kalel is moved out of ICU, and the doctors finally allow me to see her.  Visiting hours start at 1:00, and the minutes drag until then.

A nurse helps me into a wheelchair and wheels me to her room, which isn’t that far way from mine.  She looks like she’s holding back a few tears, like she knows something I don’t.  I ignore it, instead dead-set on finally seeing Kalel and making sure she’s okay.

The nurse opens the door to her room.  Kalel’s sitting on her bed, in a robe identical to mine.  She’s reading a book, which I take as a good sign.  Reading is hard for me because of my concussion [1], so hopefully if she can then she isn’t concussed too.

“You have a visitor,” the nurse says, wheeling me in and promptly leaving.

“Hey, Kalel,” I gush as I wheel myself closer to her bed. “How are you feeling?”

“Anthony?” she says with a confused look on her face.

“Yeah,” I nod. “Are you okay?  That crash was awful, I’m so sorry –”

“Why are you here?” she cuts me off.  Her face remains impassive; I would have thought that she would be smiling like me by now.

“What do you mean?”

“We…we broke up,” Kalel says slowly.

The smile disappears from my face, replaced with dread.  “What?  We made up, remember?  We met at the mall and listened to Kendyl, then made up, and hung out with Ian and Melanie all night…”

“No…you cheated on me,” Kalel insists with a hint of a glare.

“Kalel, what are you talking about…”

“What are you talking about?  Why are you even here?”

Reality sets in, and hits me hard.  I don’t even try to explain.  It’s no use.  I instead wheel away, opening the door and going back to my own room.  The nurses give me sympathetic glances; they must have known about this all along.

I feel like crying.  She doesn’t remember.  She thinks we’re still broken up.  She still thinks I cheated.  That time spent at the mall meant nothing. I have to resist the urge to throw something.  What if she never remembers?  She’ll just hate me forever, and there’s nothing I can do about it. Nothing.  As if the past week wasn’t hard enough!  Just my luck.  Just my fucking luck.  I feel like screaming.  Why me? Why us?!  I was close.  I was so, so close.  We were just happy again, and all of that’s been thrown out the window.

I crawl back into my own bed, ignoring my aching body.  I lie back down and fall asleep, with emotions I can only describe as “pissed off at the entire world.” Maybe I’ll wake up and realize this was all a twisted dream.  Maybe.  If I’m lucky.  But it doesn’t seem like luck is on my side today.


[1] I’m going to trust my formerly concussed friends on the fact that’s it’s impossible to read things when you have a concussion, haha :P

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Something Better- chapter 23

Hellllooooo. Well, after much struggle, I FINALLY finished this! Ugh, it took me too long and gave me too much trouble.  Whatever, I hope you enjoy! :)


Friday, April 23rd, 2004

~Kalel’s POV~

Before I knew it, six people became two as Ian, Melanie, Trey, and Kendyl left the table.  Now, it’s just me and Anthony.  We don’t even speak to each other, instead trying to recover from the shock of the conversation.

If you would have given me a million guesses, I still would have never guessed that we would be meeting Kendyl here to hear her side of the story.  At this point, I’m not even thinking about Anthony sitting a few feet away from me.  How could I, after hearing that?  That bitch Jen made her do all of those things.  It’s so horrible that I almost didn’t believe it, however I don’t doubt it after a few minutes of thought.  Kendyl has no reason to make any of that up, and I can definitely see Jen doing something that awful.  Who else would go that far for the sake of revenge?  Silly, juvenile revenge.  It’s not often you get the side of the story from a girl in Kendyl’s position, but I’m sure glad we did.  That girl is so brave for even telling us.

Now, of course, brings the inevitable question; what now?

Despite the awful events that led up to it, I can’t help but be a little happy at the fact Kendyl kissed Anthony and not the other way around.  My suspicions and disappointment were proved completely wrong.  However, my happiness is short-lived, quickly being replaced with guilt.  Anthony tried to tell me, but I refused to listen to him because I thought he was a cheater.  If I would have just heard him out, this could have been avoided.  I thought my actions were justified at the time, but now – not so much.

Of course Anthony wouldn’t do that.  How could sweet, loving, amazing Anthony sink to that level?  Everyone makes mistakes, but I can’t see Anthony making that major of one and lying about it.  If I know Anthony right, one thing he can’t stand is when people lie to him; so how could he lie to me about this?  Damn, if only I had remembered that from the start!

After who knows how many slow minutes of silence, I finally find my voice.  “So she did kiss you,” I begin.

Anthony nods.  “Yeah.  I was so surprised that I was almost paralyzed.  I didn’t know what to do when I saw you, so I panicked.  I was stupid, so, so stupid…”

“Anthony…” I whisper slowly, “I’m so sorry.”

You’re sorry?  Kalel – ”

Yes.  I should have just heard you out.”

“Well, I didn’t handle everything well either,” Anthony says with a cute half smile.  “The way I yelled at you and grabbed you…it was awful.  I can’t believe I did that, I was just…just so angry at the situation, I guess.  I thought I had lost you forever.”

“It’s okay,” I say softly with a faint smile on my lips.

“No, it still doesn’t excuse what I did.  I’m so sorry, Kalel.  I just hope you forgive me.”

“There’s no reason to forgive you,” I insist, and Anthony’s face falls for a second.  “Because you didn’t do anything wrong.”

“I still shouldn’t have grabbed you like that,” Anthony says with a disappointed sound to his voice, like he’s beating himself up for one little mistake.

“And I should have listened to you instead of ignoring everything you tried to say.  We all make mistakes,” I remind him softly.

The next second, Anthony is closing the large gap between us and pulling me into a hug.  I don’t protest as the familiar feeling of his arms around me returns after so many weeks of absence.  I don’t even care that we’re in the middle of the mall, in front of who knows how many people; I’m just glad I have Anthony back.

“I can’t believe how much I missed you,” I whisper as a few tears drip from my eyes, wetting his neck.

“I missed you so much,” Anthony murmurs into my hair.  “Those weeks were hell.  Promise we never do that again?” I nod and Anthony pulls away just enough so he can look me in the eyes.  “You’re crying,” he chuckles as he wipes my tears away with his thumb.  It may be my imagination, but I swear that I can see excess water in his eyes too.

“I’m happy,” I reply, a huge cheesy grin overtaking my face.

“Can we…start over?” Anthony asks slowly, an identical grin on his face.

“I was hoping you’d say that,” I hug him again, holding him tighter than I knew possible.  It’s like we’re in our own little world.  I hear nothing except our conversation, and only feel his arms around me.  Nothing else really matters.


~Melanie’s POV~

Ian and I stand behind a wall near the entrance of the food court, trying our best to catch a glimpse at what’s going on.  We look around the best we can behind the wall, just to see how they’re handling the situation.  It must be at least a little weird for them.

“Wonder how it’s going,” Ian says after he sips the drink in his hand.

“Dunno,” I respond.  “Hopefully they at least forgive each other.  Getting back together would be great, but I just hope they at least get to the point where they don’t hate each other.”

“Exactly,” Ian agrees.  “They need to be happy again.  Especially with finals coming up.”

“Uck. Shut up about finals,” I say good-naturedly.

“As if you won’t do fine!” Ian laughs.

“You will too,” I insist with a wave of my hand. “Ian! I see them!”


“Yes!  They’re hugging!” I feel stupid for spying on my friends, but I can’t take all of that suspense. “They must have made up, if I do say so myself.

“Mission accomplished,” Ian says like a spy in a movie, earning a laugh from me.  A wave of relief rushes over me; our effort wasn’t in vain.  I didn’t know if forcing them to meet here was a great idea or not.  It seemed like a good idea on paper, but it could have gone very badly – but thank goodness it didn’t!  We still don’t know if they’re “back together”, but that doesn’t matter nearly as much as them finally forgiving each other.

Ian wraps his arms around me and plants a kiss on my cheek.  Like usual, I get happy butterflies in my stomach.  This time for two reasons; one, Ian’s amazing.  Two, our best friends are finally happy again.


~Anthony’s POV~

It’s amazing how quickly we can bounce back from something like that.  A few hours ago, I was stupidly sullen and depressed; gosh, I must have been such a pain in the ass.  At least now I feel like I’m back to my old self.  I can’t believe that I allowed myself to be that way for three weeks.  That was so stupid.  No one should just mope around depressed for that long.  You’ve gotta find your happiness.

With the sudden change in our attitudes, the four of us actually go out and do something fun for the first Friday night in weeks.  It feels so refreshing to actually be having fun and laughing again instead of being caught in an endless spiral of negativity that I was stuck in for those three long weeks.  I can’t believe Ian and Melanie actually put up with our crap.  I personally tried to hide it with faked smiles and enthusiasm, which Ian saw through in a second.

A few hours ago, I would have found it impossible to believe that I would meet up with Kendyl and Trey to talk.  When we walked over and sat down, I had to resist the urge to be a total jerk and just get up and leave.  I had so much pent up anger towards that girl, and it’s pretty incredible how one heart-felt story was enough to make all of that melt away.  I judged her to be this whorish, bitchy girl, when in fact she’s extremely brave and strong to admit to something like that.

I’m just glad this whole thing can finally be behind us now.  I’m perfectly okay with shoving it into a random corner of my brain, never to remember it any time soon.


“Nooo, not this song again!” Kalel says exasperatedly as the familiar beats of a song glide through my car’s speakers.  Ian, Melanie, Kalel and I decided to return to my house to hang out, since none of us are really ready to return home.

“Britney Spears!  You know you love it,” Ian responds sarcastically.  This radio station pretty much plays the same ten songs on repeat, so we’ve heard quite a bit of this song (“Toxic”); more than we would have liked. [1] “I’m addicted to you, don’t you know that you’re toxic?” Ian sings loudly and terribly.

“Your face is toxic,” Melanie jokes back.  Ian, however, is unphased and continues to belt out the lyrics.

“It’s getting late to give you up, I took a sip from the devil’s cup!” I join Ian as I turn up the volume, so loud that the speakers are vibrating.  Melanie and Kalel simply laugh at our terrible singing, but eventually join in.

“Too high, can’t come down!”

“It’s in the air!”

“And it’s all around!”

“Can you feel me now?”

“With a taste of your lips I’m on a ride!”

“You’re toxic, I’m slipping under!”

“With a taste of a poison paradise!”


The four of us chant the lyrics in non-unison, singing progressively worse as the song continues, but laughing more and more nonetheless.  Halfway through, the sounds coming out of our mouths are a mixture of catchy lyrics and hysterical laughter; naturally paired with dancing.  Well, the best dancing we can manage in a small car.  Most of it includes moving from side to side and banging our heads.  The girls whip their hair.  We’re aware that we look like idiots; but who cares?  We’re having fun, finally.

We hit a red light and I brake. The people in the cars next to us are giving us curious stares, but we hardly notice.  I try and angle my car to the left, where I plan to turn so that we can leave as soon as the light turns green.  I can’t wait to get back home.

“Intoxicate me now with your lovin’ now!” I yell, horribly in tune with the song as the light turns green.  Without really thinking about it, I slowly turn over into the next street.  When I’m about halfway there, a car comes charging at us out of nowhere.  Ian, Melanie, Kalel and myself quickly go from shouting lyrics to screaming in terror.  I try my best to turn into the next street before it hits us, but it’s no use; the other car, which I can now see is coming at us at a diagonal (despite the fact that I have the right of way), is travelling much faster than I am.

Time seems to slow down as the other car makes contact with mine.  I can feel a faint sense of my car spinning before I’m slammed up against my window with enough force to knock me out.


A faint smell of chemicals enters my nostrils as I awake.  Despite the fact that my eyes are still closed, I can tell the room is bright.  I don’t like it.  It only fuels my intense headache; why do I have such a bad headache anyway?  Something rough and scratchy is rubbing against my skin, and my whole body seems to ache like I’ve just gotten beaten to a pulp.  Even behind my eyelids, I know this isn’t a good place.

My throat feels dry, but I try to speak regardless; not a good idea.  It feels like I’m being gagged.  What the hell is this place?

“Anthony?” I hear a familiar voice as I finally snap open my eyes, grimacing as I adjust to the intrusive light.  The face of my younger sister, Katherine, appears above mine.  I try to speak again, unsuccessfully.  “Anthony, shut up, you have a breathing tube in,” Katherine says gently.  My eyes widen as I look around my room.  IVs, needles, medicines; I’m in a hospital.  Why the hell am I in here?

I look at Katherine, and she deciphers the pleading look in my eyes within a second. She starts to say something, but is interrupted when two nurses hustle into the room.

“I see you’re awake,” one of them says.  I bite back a sarcastic retort, and she continues: “Do you know where you are?”

I gag as she pulls the stupid breathing tube out of my throat. “The hospital?” I respond after a few coughs.  My voice sounds sick and raspy.

The nurse nods. “Do you remember how you got here?”

I begin to respond “no”, but a few memories re-enter my brain before I can say it.  The last thing I remember is making up with Kalel…and then hanging out with Ian and Melanie…and then us acting like idiots in my car…and then…oh God.

“Car wreck?” I choke out, clinging to the hope that I dreamed all of that.  My heart drops when the nurse nods.  The second nurse is fiddling with the IV in my hand, but I use the other hand to cover up my face. “Oh God,” I whisper.  What happened to Ian, Melanie, and Kalel?!  What if they got hurt, or worse…no, no no.  That couldn’t have happened.

“Don’t worry, you’re just fine now,” the second nurse waves her hand.  I resist the urge to roll my eyes.  “You’re very lucky, Mr. Padilla.  You only suffered a broken arm, some bruises, and a pretty nasty concussion.  It could have been much worse.”  Well, I guess that explains my wicked headache, and the heavy cast on my arm.

The nurses go on and on, but I only reply when necessary.  I don’t want to talk to them about what happened. I just want them to leave.  I need to find out what happened to everyone else, but I sure as hell don’t want to talk to them about it.

Maybe when they finally stop chattering about what happened to me, they’ll leave so I can figure out what’s more important; what happened to my friends.


[1] “Toxic” by Britney Spears. I just found this on the top 100 list for 2004, and I thought the lyrics were funny.


….you probably all want to kill me now. I know, I’m evil xD two cliffhangers in a row, yikes!

Oh, and I finally decided that this will be 25 chapters long. I could easily change that though, so I might depending on how things go! But wow…I’m almost to the end! woah O_O

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading. Thanks so much for reading! It means a lot :D

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Thanks again for putting up with my crap procrastination and posting D: it means a lot though, so thank you! :)


Something Better- chapter 22

Hello! ^_^ hope you’re all doing well. My weekend has consisted of sitting on my ass and doing nothing, which is the best weekend possible for me :D

Here’s 22! :D fair warning, there’s LOTS of dialogue, but it’s kind of necessary for this particular one :P



Friday, April 23rd, 2004

~Melanie’s POV~

It’s been almost two weeks, but things still haven’t improved between Anthony and Kalel.  It’s scary how quickly they went from being so happy with each other to broken up on awful terms.  If that can happen to them, it can happen to Ian and I too; and that’s not a comforting thought at all.  On top of that, I’m worried for my friends.  I can tell they’re both still really upset; they may try to hide it with fake happy attitudes and plastered-on smiles, but it’s pretty easy to tell that they’re hiding something.  Ian said he’s never seen either of them this upset, and I believe him.

“Melanie!” Ian chuckles as he waves his hand in front of my face.

“Sorry,” I mumble as I rub my achy head.  School has just ended, and Ian and I are walking to his car.

“You seem distracted,” Ian says.

“Yeah…” I sigh. “I know I shouldn’t be this worked up, but I am.”

“Anthony and Kalel?” Ian questions.  I nod and he wraps his arm around my shoulders and squeezes my arm comfortingly. “I know how you feel.”

“I hate seeing them so depressed.”

Ian kisses the top of my head. “I know.  Do you think they’ll ever solve this?”

“I thought they would, but it’s been almost two weeks.”

“Should we get involved?” Ian asks slowly, as if thoroughly contemplating his statement.  Ian and I agreed when all of this started that we would stay out of it and let them solve it themselves, so to not compromise our friendships with either of them.  Maybe we should just forget all of that now, though, considering they’ve made no progress and are only growing more upset (despite their weak attempts to act happy).

“I don’t think they’re solving it themselves any time soon, and I can’t stand seeing them like this…” I trail off, torn between what I want to do and what I think is right.

“But how?” Ian asks the inevitable, yet unanswerable, question.

“Good question,” I sigh as Ian unlocks his car.

We’re just about to drive away when Ian exclaims, “Wait!  Who’s that girl right there?  It looks like Kendyl.” He points to a girl that looks completely and utterly disheveled.  Even from a distance, I can tell she has massive bags under her eyes and she hasn’t been bothered to look like her usual self in a while.

“Oh my gosh!  That’s her!  Should we say something?”

“Say what?  Maybe ask her why she had to go all whore-out on Anthony?”


“What?!  She’s the one that caused all of this!”  Ian grumbles.

“I know, I know, but maybe she can tell us something about the situation,” I say calmly, not wanting Ian to get upset as well.

The next second Trey jogs up next to Kendyl.  I haven’t really talked to him since the one time at Anthony’s house, but he seemed like a pretty cool guy.  After all, he did tell Anthony the truth about Jen, and that made everyone happier.

Trey waves his arm in our direction.  “Wait!” he yells, his muffled voice through the car doors.  Ian and I look at each other with confused looks on our faces, but we get out of his car nonetheless.

“I…I have to tell you about Anthony…” Kendyl says quietly, her voice shaking.  Her eyes are glued to the pavement.

“Wh-what?” I stammer.  This whole situation is somehow becoming even more confusing.

“Kendyl just told me everything.  Anthony didn’t kiss her –” Trey begins.

“Well, yeah…wait, why are you telling us this?” Ian asks with perplexed lines between his eyebrows.

“I kissed Anthony,” Kendyl declares, abruptly looking up from the ground.  “But let me tell you why.”


An hour later, we finally leave the school parking lot after having an intense conversation with Trey and Kendyl.  I wouldn’t believe the things Kendyl said if they didn’t fit exactly into place with everything, like a perfect puzzle.

With the information at hand, we make plans to meet at the mall later tonight. All six of us; I’ll convince Kalel to go, and Ian the same for Anthony.  Kendyl and Trey will explain everything once again, and I can’t wait to see Anthony and Kalel’s reactions.


I borrow my mom’s car and drive with Kalel to the mall a few hours later.  I told her we’d just walk around and get some air after the troublesome week.  Kalel seemed more than willing to kill some time wandering around.

We weave in and out of shops, talking about nothing in particular.  Despite her happy demeanor, I still can’t shake the feeling that she’s burying her emotions.  Hopefully in an hour or so she won’t feel that way anymore.

“Want to go get a bite to eat?” I ask Kalel after we walk out of a music store.

“Sure!” she agrees, and we begin to walk over.  My watch reads 7:15.  The plan was to meet there at 7:00, so I figure by now everyone should be there.

We walk in the Food Court’s entrance just as Anthony and Ian walk into the entrance of the mall.  Like a cliché movie, Anthony and Kalel lock eyes immediately.

“Melanie!  Oh God, he’s here!” Kalel whispers with panic in her eyes.

“It’s fine,” I reassure her. “You’ll be okay!”

“Let’s go back.”

“Kalel…it’s time you guys talked.  C’mon.”

Kalel, bright as she is, realizes what I’m trying to do immediately.  “You planned this!” Her blue eyes are set ablaze with what I infer to be a mixture of fear and anger. “The only reason you wanted to come here was so you could force me to talk to him?”

“Kalel, listen to me.  I’m worried for you.  It’s been almost two weeks and you guys still haven’t even talked.   I’m not trying to force you guys back together if you don’t want to be, but you need to figure things out.  You’re both so depressed and upset, and I hate it!  Just talk for a few minutes.”

Kalel looks momentarily stunned by my carefully-thought-out speech. “But I…I don’t k-know if I can, Mel.”

“Please try? For me?”

Kalel takes a deep breath. “You’re right.  This is stupid.  Let’s go.” I broadly smile at her willingness to proceed and give her a quick and reassuring hug.  In mere seconds, we’ve reached the table where Ian, Anthony, Trey, and Kendyl are awkwardly standing around.

Obviously, Anthony and Kalel didn’t expect Trey and certainly not Kendyl to be in attendance.  Their faces appear split between looks of confusion and anger.

“Well, this is awkward,” Ian says lightly, trying to diffuse some of the obvious tension. “Care to sit?”

Everyone slowly takes a seat around the circular table and I notice that Kendyl, Kalel, and Anthony sit as far away from each other as possible.

In a nasally, pompous-sounding voice, Ian says, “We are gathered here today…” Anthony shoots Ian an annoyed glare, effectively shutting Ian up.  At least he’s trying to make things a little better for everyone.  That’s one of the things I love about Ian.

“Alright, sheesh,” Ian starts back up again.  “You two have been acting awfully upset lately, and we’re not going to let you continue to push everything away.  Before you get all pissed, just listen to what they have to say.”

Kendyl takes that as her clue. “I’m so sorry.  Unbelievably sorry.  I didn’t think I would hurt anyone like this…but, let me explain.”



~Kendyl’s POV~

“Hello, Kendyl.” I know that voice.  I haven’t heard it in a while, but it just keeps coming back like a sick fungus.

“What do you want, Jen?” I say with a sigh as I close my locker and swing my bag over my shoulder.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get past her quickly, because I don’t want anything to do with her.

I should probably start from the beginning.  As much as I hate to admit it, Jen and I used to be friends.  Good friends.  She wasn’t even that nice to me; God, I can’t believe I was so stupid last year!  I thirsted for her approval and acceptance – I guess I just wanted to be “cool” and accepted by the school. She’s terribly manipulative; it makes me sick to my stomach now, but back then I subconsciously pushed it away and refused to realize it.  Eventually, I saw the error in my ways. The final straw was when she told a cutter to kill herself and to join her dead father in Hell.  When she said that, my naïve and foolish mind realized how sick of a person she is.  At that moment, I vowed never to get involved with people like her ever again.  The way she treats people is absolutely evil, and I’m glad I’m not so blind anymore.  I don’t need her approval, and I’m a lot happier now because I hang out with good people that treat their peers right.

“I need you to do me a favor,” Jen says pointedly, with a stupid grin on her face.

“I’m not interested,” I say automatically.  I move to leave, but she pushes me back up against the locker. “Hey!” I yell in indignation.

“Shut up, whore.  Now, here’s what I need you to do.  You know Anthony?”

“That guy that dumped you?” I can’t help but laugh as I say it.  It really was rather hilarious when the whole school found out that he broke up with her.

“Shut up! Okay, tomorrow right after school, he’ll be standing by the trophy case in the entrance hall. I need you to go up and kiss him.”

“What?! Why?!” I ask, perplexed.  What could Jen possibly be plotting this time?

“That’s not important!” she hisses. “Just do it. Tongue, hip-to-hip contact, everything.  It has to look real.”

“What is wrong with you?!  Forget it Jen, I’m not doing that.  You’re sick.” I push her away and start to walk down the hallway, but I don’t get very far before I hear her snarky voice behind me again.

“Not so fast.  You think I didn’t plan for this?” I turn around and roll my eyes, but she follows me.  When she’s right behind me, she says in a sinister whisper, “If you don’t do what I tell you, I’ll tell the entire fucking school that you had an abortion last summer.”

I stop dead in my tracks, practically paralyzed by her words. “T-That’s n-not fair, J-Jen.  I had that abortion because my uncle molested me.  H-How did you even find out about that?” I answer in a shaky whisper, trying to force the tears to stay in my eyes.

“Your ex opened up pretty easily after a little…hmm, persuasion.  And I don’t care about your reasons.  Kiss Anthony or I’ll tell everyone that you’re a filthy fucking baby killer that can’t keep her legs shut.”

My heart drops down to my stomach.  I’d like to think she’s bluffing, but I know she isn’t.  Jen doesn’t bluff.  Not only did she bring back horrible memories, but she’s threatening to tell everyone about it.  I had the abortion for a good reason – I couldn’t bring a baby into the world that was conceived from rape, especially incestial rape.  My hands shake and I begin to feel dizzy as the horrific memories reenter my brain.  I’m usually quite good at keeping them locked away, but now it’s as if the levy broke, allowing the memories to rapidly flood back in.  I remember feeling so violated and dirty; I only just fully recovered, and my uncle has only just now been sent away, but now I feel awful and depressed again.

The whole school can’t know that I had an abortion.  Everyone will think I’m a whore; I can’t have that!  I’m not a fake person, and people know that and like me for it; but I’d be shunned if everyone found out about that.  I’d be called a whore and a liar, and God knows what else.  The people of this school thrive off of rumors and gossip.  If something as big as my secret got out, I’d never hear the end of it.  Being ostracized by my peers is an understatement; I’d be ranked lower than dirt.

“I’ll do it,” I whisper.  The words taste foul in my mouth and create a sickening nauseas feeling in the pit of my stomach.  It’s for the best, I try to persuade myself.  Nobody will probably see me anyway – right?

“Good,” Jen says with a triumphant grin on her cakey face. “Like I said, make it look genuine.  Go all out.  I’ll be watching.”

Jen waltzes away and leaves me paralyzed in the middle of the hallway.  I feel like I’m going to be sick, and my shaky knees can barely support my body.  I can’t believe I let myself fall victim to her stupid little tricks again; I’m supposed to be stronger than that, better than Jen.  Now, I’ve merely sunk to her level.  Damn it!  I’m so spineless; and the worst thing is, I can’t take back my agreement.  She knows I have to follow through with it; and follow through with it I do.


The clock goes at lightning speed the next day, as if it knows I’m dreading the events that are about to perspire.  My stomach is in knots from the guilt, and all I want to do is get it over with as soon as possible.

My legs carry me to the entrance hall slowly, and sure enough Anthony is standing there.  I can feel Jen’s eyes piercing through the back of my head, watching my every action like a starving hawk; but I don’t bother turning around.  It’s as if she’s always behind me, no matter where I am [1].  My knotted stomach somehow aches more than before, swimming with lethal amounts of worry, dread, and guilt.  I’m praying that the entrance hall will remain empty.

I trudge over to him and start talking in a pathetic attempt to flirt.  With shaky hands, I grab his hands and place them on my waist, wrap my arms around his neck, stand on tiptoe, and complete the task I’ve been assigned.


~Melanie’s POV~

The entire table is silent as Kendyl tells her story.  Even though I’ve heard it only a few hours before, she tells it with so much detail and emotion that I’m absolutely captivated.  Tears are streaming one by one down her cheeks, and she does her best to wipe them away as quickly as possible.

“I’m so sorry.  I ruined you two because I’m too much of a coward.  It’s pathetic!” Kendyl sobs as Trey wraps a friendly arm around her shoulder.

“Kendyl and I have been friends for a long time.  I know her and I know how Jen can be; and I can honestly say that she wouldn’t have done all of that unless Jen gave her those exact threats,” Trey adds quietly.

“I’ve felt absolutely awful since I saw you walk in, Kalel.  I could barely eat or sleep because of the guilt, so I found Trey and explained it to him.  I decided that I had to tell you guys the truth.  I wanted to protect myself; but that’s not important to me anymore.  I never wanted to hurt you two, and I did.  And I’m so, so sorry,” Kendyl explains with a voice thick with tears.

Anthony and Kalel remain silent, but Anthony slowly nods his head.  Kalel keeps her eyes trained on the table.

“Why don’t we leave you two alone for awhile?” I say quietly as I slowly stand up from the table.  Trey, Ian, and Kendyl follow suit.  Anthony and Kalel remain unmoving, but I hope that they’ll at least talk to each other after that.

“Thanks for everything, Kendyl.  That was really brave of you,” I smile, giving her a tight hug.  I may not know her, but I know what she said was genuine.  She looked so tortured and guilty as she told her story; and why would she make it up anyway?  She’s been through some seriously tough stuff – I can’t help but respect her for reliving all of it for us.

Ian and I thank them again and say goodbye as they walk into the parking lot.  We instead walk back into the mall, content with roaming until we hear the verdict from Anthony and Kalel.

I take a deep breath, attempting to recollect myself after the intense series of events that have perspired so far today. “Wow.  Just wow,” I say in awe, unable to articulate much else.

“And now,” Ian sighs as he interlocks his fingers in mine, “we wait.”


[1] SLENDERJEN! (sorry, you have to put up with my lame attempts at being funny)


I hope you liked it! :) shit just got INTENSE. hopefully I did it justice.

Your feedback would be greatly appreciated! I will love you forever.

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Thank you SO much for reading! I really appreciate it. I hope you enjoyed. Sorry for the cliffhanger…mwahahaha ;)

Bye for now!


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